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IT leaders

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Everything you need to build great software in record time

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Kapeta allows developers to create their system architecture in UI which will generate microservices and all needed boilerplate code. That way, architecture and implementation will be up-to-date at all times, and it allows developers to fully focus on writing business-critical code. Kapeta is not a low-code platform but a full-fledged software development platform where developers write real and comprehensive business code. Metrics, security, and 1-click deployments are supported to lower the cognitive load for the developers. While developers and platform teams benefit from code generation and the many supported technologies, IT leaders get a unique insight into their organizations’ processes and costs. Kapeta is an IDP that functions as the main entrance for a company’s software activities which usually are scattered around in wikis, tools, portals, APIs, etc. 

An IDP, or Internal Developer Platform, is a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to streamline and accelerate the software development process within an organization. It provides developers with the necessary infrastructure, automation, and collaboration capabilities to plan/design, code, build, test, deploy, and manage applications efficiently.

Using Kapeta, you can streamline your software development processes, accelerate innovation, and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Kapeta simplifies complex development tasks, promotes collaboration, and enables rapid delivery of high-quality software solutions, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Kapeta offers numerous benefits, including:

– Support of the whole software development life cycle

– Modular approach, which allows components to be reused and connected to each other through clear interfaces.

– Streamlined development process. All teams follow the same process, which is built on industry best practices. 

– No-Ops with one-click deployments. This lowers the cognitive load for software engineers who can focus on writing code and bother with writing infrastructure code. 

– Dynamically generated APIs

– Internal service catalog of reusable components. The company gets an overview of all its components across teams and departments. 

These benefits have a transformative impact on your software development, including:

– Increased development velocity

– Enhanced collaboration among teams

– The ability to scale applications seamlessly

– Improved deployment reliability

– Reduced operational overhead

– Faster onboarding of engineers

Kapeta empowers organizations to innovate faster and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.