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Block Hub Marketplace

Your Gateway to Accelerated Software Development

Leverage the power of community-created Blocks to build, scale, and run your applications more efficiently.

What are Blocks?

Blocks: The Building Blocks of the Future

Within the Kapeta ecosystem, Blocks are modular units of functionality that, like Lego bricks, can be combined to create something extraordinary. They represent the crux of Kapeta’s approach to software development, supporting you from planning to running your software development more effeciently.

Whether you're leveraging our marketplace's general-purpose blocks or creating custom ones for specific needs, Blocks offer an ecosystem of possibilities."

Say goodbye to the chaos of dependencies and hello to a cleaner, more structured coding environment.

Welcome to the Block Hub Marketplace

Our Block Hub Marketplace is a dynamic library of free and premium Blocks, developed by Kapeta’s community of developers and partners. Each premium Block is designed, tested, and validated to ensure high quality, enabling you to focus on your vision and not the minutiae of software development.

Installed assets

These are the assets currently downloaded to your local machine, ready to use.


You have access to all assets in your organization. Ready to be installed, and used.


Community-made assets that can be used to add new capabilities to your system.

A screen shot of the slack app dashboard showcasing the power of Kapeta Blocks.
Discover the power of a backend block icon.

Empower Your Projects with Free Blocks

Kapeta’s free Blocks provide readily accessible solutions for common functionalities, forming a solid foundation for your software projects. They are the stepping stones to a supercharged software development experience

A backend blue block icon

Unleash the Potential of Premium Blocks

Our premium Blocks, crafted by individual developers and Kapeta partners, offer advanced functionalities that can elevate your software projects. They introduce an extra layer of sophistication and uniqueness, allowing your application to truly stand out

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