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With Kapeta you can

Code Publish Deploy at lightning speed

With Kapeta you can Code Publish Deploy

at lightning speed

Everything you need to build great software without friction

A computer screen with a flow diagram on it.
A screenshot of a computer.

Accelerated Development

Kapeta significantly speeds up the coding process with its intelligent framework, enabling you to transform ideas into functional code faster than ever.

Say Goodbye To Repetitive Tasks

Auto generated scaffolding code. Kapeta's automated systems handle the mundane, letting you focus on creative and complex coding challenges.

Community And Innovation

Join a community where sharing, innovation, and collaboration make development not just faster but also more fulfilling.

Code software for free. Deploy at no extra cost.

No subscription needed, no extra fees – no additional markup on the cloud usage cost.

Write the Code that matters

Kapeta’s UI enables powerful actions, but you maintain complete control to code in your preferred IDE. Kapeta writes the tedious scaffolding code, freeing you to focus on code that matters.

Create components in seconds

Currently supports:

Easily add resources in your Plan

Currently supports:

Connect multiple components

Currently supports:

Run your system locally with 1-click

Much more coming soon

Publish - sharing from CLI or GitHub

With Kapeta you have the flexibility to share your components privately with your team or publicly with the entire Kapeta community. This allows you to collaborate with your team members seamlessly and reach a wider audience of developers who can benefit from your work.

Connect multiple

Deploy applications with ease

Kapeta makes it effortless to deploy your applications to production with a single click, so you can focus on what matters most – building exceptional applications.

Take your system online with a single click

A tablet with a screen showing a flow diagram.
A computer screen with a map of a cloud based system.

Security as a service​

Every deployment is fully isolated

Fine-grained network policies, Automatic SSL certificates

Control your spend

Optimized and
controlled deployments

Auto-scale everything, know exactly where your spend is going

Extendability with Providers

Our architecture is built on the concept of “Providers”, plug-and-play modules that extend the platform’s capabilities to suit your unique needs. Whether it’s a specific deployment target, database, or programming language, if it doesn’t already exist, simply plug in a Provider to make your own.

A screen shot of the google home app.


Provides MongoDB database resources to the kapeta eco-system.


Provides easy deployments using GCP.


Provides acces to RabbitMQ from backend Blocks.


Provides PostgreSQL database resources to the kapeta eco-system.


Provides easy deployments using AWS.


Provides easy acces to Redis.


Provides code generation support for using Spring Boot.


Generate frontend code in ReactJS using Typescript.


Generate code in Typescript and NodeJS.

More providers to come

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