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NoOps that unlocks
True Self-Service for software teams

Infrastructure works out of the box.
No need to write any infrastructure code

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Onboarding Made Easy

Kapeta seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, enhancing your workflow without the typical
integration headaches.

Reusable Modules

Create modules to fit your specific platform needs, ensuring both reusability and robust performance.

Scalable Solutions

Whether scaling up for high demand or down for efficiency, Kapeta’s adaptive architecture makes it simple and cost-effective.

True self-service for software teams

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Elevating Network Security

Trusted networks

Dynamic micro-service templates

Plans are the fundamental building blocks of Kapeta, defining the structure and behaviour of software systems.  Learn more

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Blocks are the fundamental building blocks of a plan. If plans is the circuit board – blocks are the components. Learn more

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Provider resources are what the block provides to its plan. This is quite often an API – or a web application – but it could be anything. Learn more

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